MWR Gear Issue

Reservations can be made by calling 508-968-6447 or in person at the C Side Recreation Building (5210 E Hospital Road) during normal business hours.  Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Please see 2016 Rules and Regulations for more information.

Download Complete 2019 Gear Issue List – updated 3/27/189


There is an administrative fee associated with the items and is listed on the item list. The fee can be paid with cash, debit/credit card or check.


**New Location: C Side Recreation Building, please call ahead 508-968-6447**

Hours: Mon-Thu  8:30-4:30

               Fri 8:30 -3:30

On the day of your reservation, please come to the C Side Recreation Building before going to the warehouse.  You will be required to sign some necessary paperwork and collect the administration fee at that time.  The gear warehouse is NOT staffed everyday.  Please ensure you can pick up and drop off during the normal operating hours.

Warehouse Hours

Gear Issue: Fridays 12pm-3:30pm
Gear Returns: Tuesdays 12pm-3:30pm

The Base Cape Cod MWR Gear Issue Program is available to all authorized MWR Patrons, age 18+ (some items age 21+) with base access.   The program offers a variety of items; some can help you complete a home improvement project, others can make your stay on Cape Cod more enjoyable.  We are continually adding new equipment to our inventory and you can always find a current list of items on this site or located in the MWR Administration Office.  Items can be reserved at any time, in person or over the phone.

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