Base Cape Cod MWR Customer Service Feedback Page

Give us your feedback. Your Morale is our business. Our goal at MWR is to provide Complete Satisfaction within all of our MWR Facilities and Programs. If you are not completely satisfied with any service you receive at MWR, please contact the shop manager or MWR Director immediately so that we may have the opportunity to address the problem or concern. We always want to improve. If there is some activity or event you would like us to offer at MWR please let us know!


Phone Number
MWR Director 508-968-6683
Finance Manager 508-968-6684
Accounting Technician 508-968-6479
Ticket Office/Gear Issue/NAF HR 508-968-6447
C Side Information Center 508-968-6689
Beach Pass Program Contact 508-968-6461
Child Development Center Director 508-968-6450
MWR Lodging Lodge Host 508-968-6461
Nantucket Recreational House Lodge Host 508-968-6461
Roxy Theater Manager 508-968-6585
Falcon Golf Course Manager 508-968-6453
Falcon Golf Course Pro Shop Manager 508-968-6453
Falcon Deli Manager 508-968-6453
C Side Facilities Manager   508-968-6444
C Side Lanes Manager 508-968-6444
Sports Leagues Contact 508-968-6446
C Side Pool 508-968-6446
Youth Programs Director 508-968-6446