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The MWR Mission
Across the Coast Guard, the mission of MWR operations is “to uplift the spirits of the Coast Guard family and be an essential element of Coast Guard mission readiness and retention through customer-owned and driven MWR programs and service around the world.”

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Base Cape Cod MWR offers an incredible array of services it’s patrons of all branches of the military, which includes Active Duty members and their family, Reserve/Guard Members, Military Retirees, Coast Guard Auxiliarists, Government Civilian Employees and more. We offer a variety of tickets to many events including: Red Sox baseball, Boston Bruins hockey, Patriots football, seasonal events, Disney World and more. All at affordable prices. We manage many recreational facilities right here on the base that you and your family can use: an RV park, Falcon Golf Course, Roxy Movie Theater, Activity Center Swimming pool just to name a few. We also offer many services: Gear Issue, Beach Passes and Child Care. Come and check us out. We are here for you.

Base Cape Cod MWR Handbook – rev July 2016

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